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Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V

January 19, 2014

Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V::

The latest DVR-H9108V from Zmodo surveillance is a 8 channel hardware based digital video recorder which can be used for easy securing of homes or small retails stores etc.

The Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V uses Linux Operating System as its base and comes with a remote control for easy viewing. Some of the features include:

a) Easy network access and supports remote viewing any where, any time by using remote access via computer or 3G based smart phones (such as iPhone, Android OS, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS and Windows Mobile Pro 5.0 & 6.1 OS). For this, you can download an app called ‘aplayer’ which works better than the ip cam viewer app. The advantage of an aplayer is it you will be able to use PTZ controls unlike ip cam view that doesnt support PTZ controls.
b) The H.264 compression technology gives you amazing video quality at lesser data rates. Delivering MPEG4 standard videos, the Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V helps you save more videos by compressing them using H.264 thus saving you 2 time more space capacity.
c) The 8 channel DVR gives you split screens with eight video footages at a single screen to enable easy viewing rather than flipping to single camera mode.
d) Different types of video recording modes are available such as timed recording, motion activated recording, continuous recording.
e) The in built USB helps you to connect to your pc for taking back up of certain footages.
f) The Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V has a humongous storage capacity and can support upto 1 TB Serial ATA hard drive (SATA HDD).

The Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V is 11.8” in length, 8.2” in breadth and 1.6” in height. Zmodo gives you two years warranty on the its parts and labor.

We have generally received positive reviews on this product due to its easy to install features and the big hearted hard drive. The menus and quite detailed and displays simultaneous view of all the cameras installed. The biggest disadvantage would be the Zmodo Surveillance DVR-H9108V does not come with a cooling fan which leads to overheating of the product when used over time. The company does not even provide screws for fixing the DVR nor any rubber gaskets for the hard drive.

Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863-NHD: 4 cameras

January 19, 2014

Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863-NHD: 4 cameras (no hard drive)

The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 has 8 channel DVR with 4 cameras that can provide surveillance in area of your property you need under surveillance. The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 is quick and easy to set up. There is no hard drive in this pack, you will have to buy one separately. The DVR is H.264 which is a very fast video compression system and its easy to install.

Using the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863, you can easily see who is at the front door with clear facial features. You can keep an eye on your property even when you are away on vacation. There are several other things the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 can help you with, for example, you can check up on the babysitter when you are not around, ensure that your kids do their homework after school, monitor your elderly parents and even stop robbery while in the act.

The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 can help in your business by monitoring your employees while you are away, keep an eye on the cash register, prevent shop lifting, cover the front door and the parking lot. You can transfer the video for viewing over the Internet, the H.264 compression can support upto 2TB HD. The footage recording is in real time 30 frames per second. The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 plays the footage back flawlessly.

The remote control system of the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 based on LAN or Internet Browsing remote access will help you control the monitoring of your property from around the world. You will also receive instant email alerts with snapshot images when motion is detected. The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 will also let you know when the hard drive is full or if there is any video loss.

You can save the space on your hard drive using the motion detection feature. You can control the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863to record only when motion is detected. Most of the smartphones with Android, Symbian, Windows, IOS, etc can support the footage from the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863. You can view all the feed from the 4 cameras at once or one at a time.

The Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863 videos can also be viewed in your PC or TV through the VGA and BNC outputs. For more information on the Zmodo surveillance PKD-dk0863, visit Amazon.

Buy Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera

January 18, 2014

Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera:

Zmodo brings you the CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera for securing your office or home.

How does the Zmodo CM-I11123BK Wireless Night Vision Network Camera work:

Surveillance cameras are required to heighten the security of you as well as your personal place when you are met with life threatening situations. Get rid of lengthy cables with the indoor wireless Wi-Fi enhanced surveillance network camera that is enhanced with night vision features.

I list out some of the qualities of the Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera:

a) The pan/tilt IP camera is an indoor camera that can be easily accessed with the help of Wi-Fi router which records the videos in your computer’s hard disk.
b) Since Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera is a “network” camera, it is browser enabled so that you can have a remote access any time, anywhere from featured web browsers.
c) The one-forth inch CMOS (camera sensor) provides good image quality with a resolution of 640 x 480 (VGA) at 15fps. It views images through a 3-6 mm lens using a 270 degree pan and 90 degree tilt.
d) It contains in-built microphone and speaker with a talk back function.
e) Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera contains 10 built-in LEDs which means you can capture video upto 33 feet at night with a point 1 lux.
f) As the Camera is network capable, it allows remote viewing via Internet browser or smart phone with unique password protection for different users.
g) With the help of the external connection, the camera provides a single channel for alarm input and output.

Apart from the Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera, the kit contains a mounting bracket, antenna, software CD for installing the IP camera, manual, DC power supply and a network cable for installation.

Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera reviews:

Pros: Easy to set up features and YouTube videos add a feather to the gaining popularity of Zmodo CM-I11123BK Surveillance Camera.

Cons: You don’t access to audio when you are using remote access. Another point noted is the settings for daylight mode, the numbers fixed for contrast/brightness and specific locations cannot be saved.

Buy Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch camera for complete surveillance

January 18, 2014

Buy Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch camera for complete surveillance

The Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras will give you complete surveillance with the 4 IR outdoor CCTVs. A 500 GB hard drive is also included in this pack from Amazon. These black Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras provide a reasonable and quite clear view of the required areas on your property and there is vast storage space in the 500 GB hard drive. The installed hard drive can support up to 2 TB HD.

The dimensions of the cameras of Zmodo surveillance are 17.1 inches X 11.1 inches X 6.8 inches. The set cameras weigh around 1.5 pounds and the shipping weight is 12.6 pounds. The high quality cameras of the Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch give you a clear, crisp and persistent image using the 420 TV lines of resolution. This is done by the 1/4”” Sony CCD image sensors and the images are in the true color without any color deviation and contrasts that are typical in some CCTVs.

The Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras provide you with the required protection for your home 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Remove any worries about not being able to keep an eye on your home when you are away, Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras have you covered. These weather proof cameras will stay intact in any weather and in any light.

The Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras are easy to set up and to use giving you complete surveillance for home or work and you can get the images at anytime and anywhere you are. The Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras also have a lifetime of technical support back up.

There are 24 infrared LEDs that activate automatically in less light or even in no light and they enable you to see 20 meters in the direction its pointed and some. The night vision is deactivated when the light conditions get brighter. The H.264 compression can record 2 weeks of video simultaneously from all the 4 cameras. The playback footage plays flawlessly even for the real time videos.

There 1 to 4 splitter cables for the Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras giving you a lot of area coverage. There are IR remote controls, 60 ft CCTV power and 12 V/1500mA single power supply for the Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras. There is also a user manual that will help you understand the working of the Zmodo surveillance DVR 4 ch cameras so use it properly.

Buy Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera

January 18, 2014

Buy Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen

The new Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera is creatively designed to suit your needs such as taking photos or videos on special occasions.

Unique features of Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera:

An overlooked item like a ball point pen can turn into a super gadget with just a quick turn. Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera turns your video into a wide screen format with 1280×960 display resolution which is a 4:3 ratio at 30 fps and that makes it an HD camera.

Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera looks like any other professional pen that has a sleek black body with a built-in microphone that delivers good quality audio. The camera is fixed internally above the pen clip and can be kept anywhere from a cup holder to clipping it on your shirt pocket. You can also use it as a pen and with a slight twist the ordinary pen turns into a spy camera.

The top of the Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen is an excellent place to fit the on-off power button which blends nicely with the design. On the backside there are two holes, one is the indicator for charging and one is the reset button. While charging the pen camera in USB mode, the indicator flashes red and green lights alternatively until it is fully charged. The maximum charge time of the Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera is upto three hours. The bottom hole contains the reset button. So if at all your video gets stuck, use a small pin or paper clip to reset them.

The Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera has 3 operating modes, video , audio and image mode. Transferring the files is quite easy. Unlike other spy products, you do not require cables or software CDs for installation. Just take the pen apart and it turns into a usb drive. Now connect the usb into your computer’s usb port and you are ready to make the transfer. The product comes with a removable memory card. Now, insert the card into the memory slot and your Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera is all set to capture videos or images.

Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera has an in-built rechargeable lithium battery. You can record continuous videos up to two hours with a viewing angle of 90 degrees.

Zmodo surveillance CM C10208bk-AD Spy Pen Camera Reviews:

The product mostly received negative reviews with people claiming that the quality of the video and audio is quite poor (though it is HD cam) when compared to other basic products manufactured by Zmodo such as key ring spy camera which is not even HD. Still, people are willing to give it a try just for the sake of “getting a high” of carrying a cool pen that has a hidden camera.

Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera

January 17, 2014

Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera:

The new surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera by Zmodo is best to keep a roving eye on people at places you care the most about such as your workplace or home.

Unique features of the Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera:

With a CCD image sensor of 1/3” Sony Color and 42 LEDs bulbs with enhanced night vision, the Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera serves a great outdoor purpose and can be easily fit in any location of your choice. Few features include:

1. Easy mounting to fit it in any wall or ceiling.
2. With 4.9 mm vari-focal lens, you can zoom and focus on an image at any given point
3. Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera is a weatherproof camera which means it can work in all climates which includes rain.
4. By using HSBLC (Highlight Suppression Back Light Compensation), the night vision camera is able to read the license plate on any vehicle even under severe lighting.
5. The video processor provides 600 TV lines of high resolution and with the help of 42 infrared LEDs for night vision, it can capture any video upto 130 feet away.

Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Night Vision Camera comes with a one year manufacturing warranty on its parts.

Zmodo surveillance cm-s34909bg Camera Reviews:

A general consensus gave a thumbs up for this product by claiming it to be very productive in taking images especially when set in night mode.

On the con side, customers review that the camera does not recognize license plate as promised by the company, though all the functions of the camera seem absolutely fine. Also, the camera uses low resolution during day time. The biggest minus point with the long range camera is that the power supply adapter and cable is not provided with the package and needs to be purchased separately. For such a high price of more than $130, basic accessories are not provided which is quite tragic.

Zmodo Surveillance cm-i11123bk review: Wireless surveillance

January 17, 2014

Zmodo Surveillance cm-i11123bk review: Wireless surveillance

The Zmodo surveillance CM-I11123BK reviews say that the Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk is very convenient to use with its wireless technology and the pan/tilt IP camera. It has been noted in the past that CCTVs have lots of wiring that have to be adjusted with great care. The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk takes care of that inconvenience and it has many other features that makes it a really good choice for surveillance.

The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk can connect directly to your wireless router and record the feed directly to your computer’s hard drive. There are advanced and built in chips in the Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk that makes possible several features such as recording caused by motion detection, email alerts and even remote access from many web browsers.

The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk has ¼ inches CMOS image sensors which is an advanced circuitry that provides a resolution of upto 640X480 Video Graphics Array and amazing image quality. There are 10 built in IR LEDs that enable the night vision mode. This Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk camera can capture video and images at night upto 30 feet away.

The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk pans 270 degrees and has a tilt rotation of 90 degrees. All the tilts and pans can be remotely controlled through the network. The IP configuration is a very easy process with the included software in the Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk. It can automatically operate in a dark environment. The compression format of the Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk compresses the feed in the M-JPEG.

There is a built in microphone and speaker that has a talk back function which can be used to give instructions, etc. The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk also support live view through Smart phones and i Phones. It support the Internet Explorer browser and any other popular browsers.

The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk supports Wifi Protected Access (WPA) which is a security protocol and certification program which secures wireless computer networks. It also supports the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) for confidentiality although this is outdated and has many flaws. The WPA takes care of it and provides the necessary security to your data.

You can get motion sensor alerts in your emails from the Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk. There are also multi level user management with password protection. There are alarm input and output in the 1CH input and outputs. The Zmodo surveillance cm-i11123bk will take care of basic to average surveillance needs and is very easy to use.

Buy Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB Night Vision Camera

January 14, 2014

Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB H.264 Internet & 3G Phone Accessible 4-Channel DVR with 4 Night Vision Cameras and 500 GB HD

Zmodo Technology (China) Ltd Corp is registered company headquartered in China and since then promoting their brand ‘Zmodo’. The company has branches in the US and other countries. Zmodo deals with the manufacturing of safety equipment including megapixel security cameras, digital video recorders, software and security systems and cloud services. In this article I would like give you a review about one of their best creations the Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB night vision cameras. The Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB is an advanced H.264 smart DVR that facilitates the user to control and access it remotely through internet and from 3G enabled cell phones. The mobile includes blackberry, android, i phone, I pad etc.
Some of the interesting features of the Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB is:

  • Product: The product comes along with 4 indoor/outdoor cameras each of them which come with over 60 ft cable which enable the cameras to be places anywhere throughout the premises.
  • Technology: The Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB uses h.264 smart DVR compression technology which helps in compressing the videos recorded which enables the user to record for a longer period of time.
  • Cameras: The cameras include ¼ color CMOS image sensors with 6mm lens which also is apt for night vision recordings. It comes under the closed circuit category of cameras.
  • Storage: The Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB comes with a 500 GB memory which along with the h.264 technology can record a relatively larger videos.
  • Durability/weather: The cameras are designed to withstand many of the normal conditions outdoor however the cameras can take extreme heat or cold and can affect the working of the cameras.
  • Access: The Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB can be accessed using internet explorer or Net viewer software for accessing the videos online. The access as I mentioned earlier can also be done through 3G enabled mobile devices.
  • Specifications: The whole package weighs around 12.8 pounds which is comparatively light weighted; it includes ports for LAN, VGA, USB mouse, video/audio output/input.
  • Motion detection: This is an innovative feature of this model as it can sense the motion of a substance and can focus on that particular object thereby ensuring safety.

These are some of the most striking features of the Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB series. This series is one of the most economic buys as it priced competitively but can be considered as one of the best value for money investment.

Buy ZMODO 8CH H.264 DVR Security CCTV

January 14, 2014

Zmodo 8CH H.264 DVR Security CCTV Surveillance Camera System & 4 Indoor Outdoor Surveillance CCTV Cameras (No Hard drive)

ZMODO 8CH H.264 will work for you day and night giving you email alerts when motion is detected. The ZMODO 8CH H.264 has 8 channels as the name suggests with 4 indoor/outdoor cameras. You have to purchases a hard drive separately as this ZMODO 8CH H.264 pack does not include it. Once you get the DVR, the 8 channels are fully integrated real time and hardware based and it includes a remote control for easy setup and operation.

ZMODO 8CH H.264 has a Pan- tilt-zoom camera known as the P?TZ which is good enough for business or domestic use. With network access and a USB 2.0 backup, the 8 channels provide reasonable security. ZMODO 8CH H.264 has 480 TV lines and a 3.6mm lens and up to 30 illumination range. The recordings are fairly clear both during day and night.

ZMODO 8CH H.264 has H.264 recording compression technology and has NTSC/PAL standard which are the standards usually used overseas. In NTSC, 30 frames are transmitted each second each frame is made up of 525 individual scan lines. In PAL, 25 frames are transmitted each second and each frame is made of 625 individual scan lines. The video of the ZMODO 8CH H.264 input/output is BNC8/BNC 1 and the video output is VGA. The audio input and output are done by RCA 4 and BNC 1. You can adjust the recording of the ZMODO 8CH H.264 to be continuous, scheduled or in motion. Remote access is available via LAN or IE browsers which can support remote view via smart phone and 3G mobile with Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows OS.

ZMODO 8CH H.264 has ¼ color CMOS image sensors and a 3.6 mm lens. The IR remote distance is upto 30 and can be operated using your smart phone. ZMODO 8CH H.264 can support upto 8 cameras and the cables for the individual cameras are quite long. The night vision is good and you get email alerts when there is motion. ZMODO 8CH H.264 weighs about 1.5 pounds and while shipping it weighs 11 pounds.

Buy ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR Security Camera System

January 14, 2014

Zmodo Surveillance Security Camera System 8CH 960H DVR with 4 Night Vision 700TVL Weatherproof High Resolution Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Built-in IR-Cut with 1TB Hard Drive

ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR has a 1TB hard drive that can save immense video and audio feed. The ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR has 700TVL of high resolution with built in IR-cut. The recording is in 960H which is 960 X 480 pixels and is the highest resolution in conventional CCTVs available today. built in also gives instant email alerts with a photo if any motion or activity is detected. The weather proof ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR is metal housed to be used indoors or outdoors.

The night vision of the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR is very good with 65 feet of automatic vision with 24IR LEDs. The 960H of the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR provides superior images that are about 34% bigger than D1 and more than 500% bigger than Common Intermediate Format. Remote viewing of the feed from ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR can be made available anywhere with remote viewing through the Internet, Smart-phone and tablet.

The video input/output of the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR is through BNC 8 CH and BNC 1CH. The audio input/output is RCA 4 CH and RCA 1 CH. The display is in 240 NTSC standard. There is also a video output of PC monitor VGA. The ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR data are supported by WindowsTM XP, Vista, 7, 8, Firefox, chrome, Internet explorer, iPad, iPhone, Android, windows Mobile, Symbian or Blackberry.

The ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR camera has ¼’ color CMOS image sensor, 700 TV lines, horizontal resolution, 3.6 mm lens, 24 IR LEDs, night vision with a minimum light of 0 lux when IR on. The operational temperature is 14F to 122F and the power connector required is RCA 12V DC. You also get 1 to 4 splitter cables for the cameras. A user manual is available to learn the connections and workings of the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR. The shipping weight of the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR is 13 pounds.

You can buy the ZMODO 8CH 960H DVR from Amazon using the Store Card and pay no interest for 6 months.

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