ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN 4 Channel CCTV H.264 Real-Time DVR + 4 Outdoor Security Surveillance Camera System – 3G Mobile Live View (No Hard Drive)

ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN 4 channel CCTV has H.264 hardware compression which gives a good quality video recording. There is no hard drive included in this package. The ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN cameras can be used as both indoor and outdoor cameras. It uses a CMOS circuit which is usually used for multimedia and sometimes discrete devices.

You do not need an Internet connection for the ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN to work. At the location of the digital video recording, you may need the network to transmit the feed. Even though the picture is not HD, the quality is reasonably good with a few color variations. The Night vision is good enough and serves the purpose for a fixed range.

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The setting up of the ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN is very easy and even the set up on the smart phones are quite simple. You can get the data transmitted to your PC or your smart phone. ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN has a BNC 4/BNC 1 video input and a Video Graphics Array video output. The audio input is RCA 4/BNC 1 and the audio output can be varied. You can have continued video recording, scheduled or motion video recording on your ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN.

ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN has an IR (infra red) remote control which makes it universal. You can also do the PTZ or the Pan-tilt-zoom with your camera using the RS-485 port. ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN has dimensions of 7 X 17 X 12 inches and it weighs about 8 pounds. While shipping it would weigh around 12 pounds.

There is no hard drive available with the ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN pack from Amazon, thus the name DVR given to the pack is not justified. You have to order a hard drive separately. While doing so, make sure to get one with over 500 GB also one that over writes on the videos so that you can have unlimited recording. This will mean that some data will be lost after a period of time, but you can save the necessary feed.
ZMODO KDS4-BARBZ4ZN may not be good for a very wide range of video recording, but for near to moderate range, it is very clear and serves your purpose with audio recording as well.


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