inMotion CCTV Cameras and Accessories

inMotion CCTV Cameras and Accessories

inMotion CCTV Surveillance Camera & Accessories

inMotion CCTV is a relatively company into the security industry. They make quality products at an affordable price. It’s a global company that has offices across the globe.

At inMotion, you get to see several types of security systems and cameras that can be used almost anywhere. The inMotion CCTV cameras and accessories are useful for the retail shops, financial institutions, transportation, industrial, gaming arena, perimeter security etc. You can go to each type of requirement to find the ideal CCTV cameras and accessories there. Let us find out what the inMotion CCTV has to offer us.

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Major brands in inMotion CCTV cameras

The inMotion CCTV cameras are seen under different brand names. All the models of inMotion CCTV cameras mostly come under one of these. The brands are,

  • Tiger Shark TVI full HD
  • Tiger Shark LT
  • Shark in Vivid
  • Tiger Shark in Vivid
  • Barracuda

Types of inMotion CCTV cameras

There are mainly 5 types of CCTV cameras from inMotion. Each category has different types of cameras in them but are generally categorized into their purpose or special features.

Outdoor dome cameras

As the name depicts, the outdoor dome cameras are dome shaped cameras made especially for outdoor usage. Needless to say, they have better coverage and can be installed on the ceiling as well. There are 2 types or models in this category.


In61 TigerShark Outdoor WDR Dome

This outdoor dome camera is available in 2 models in61S2N2D35V12 & in61S2N2D28V16. These cameras are made in compact die cast construction method with thermal management trademark to the inMotion company. The inVivid color technology provides better color footage. IP66 rating gives it the protection against heavy water jets and is dust tight. The camera stays put even under heavy rain or too much dust outside.

This camera is motion sensor enabled with a power of 1.3 mega pixel sensor. It can work during day and also has night vision facility. The backlight, highlight compensation leaves the clear picture or video with the camera. The bright is adjusted automatically.

The camera is equipped with digital image stabilization and has optical dual vari focal facilities.
This dome camera is fitted on a 3-axis gimbal for its easy movement. There is an on-board jack programmer. This sense up camera gives you footages in any light conditions. The 3D digital noise reduction gets the clear audio as well.


The electric requirement for this inMotion camera is 12VDC or 24VAC. It works with 800 TVL.
You may choose the Gooseneck wall bracket or the coax programmer with this product while purchasing.

IN61IR TigerShark Outdoor WDR Dome

This type of outdoor camera has infrared LEDs for the clearer night vision. There are a total of 24 IR LEDs in the camera. This is available in only one model. The camera has 800 TVL resolution.

The working is a combination of wide dynamic range for maximum each and noise reduction for clear audio. The WDR reach is 130 db.


The reach of this in61IRT2X2D series camera is 45-75 ft approximately or within 15-25 meters. There is the 1.3 mega pixel sensor and works well in the day as well as in the night.

The minimum illumination requirement is 0 Lux IR on and 0.01 Lux. The brightness is adjusted automatically to have better clarity for the feed. There is the 3D digital noise reduction, sense up and an on board Jack programmer for the latest technology adaptation.

This inMotion outdoor dome camera is installed on a 3-axis gimbal that allows the free movements it is made for.
The shutter speed for this camera can be selected as per requirements. You can also adjust the WDR, high light and back light features within off, low, medium or high. This outdoor dome camera has a lot more features and adjustments that you can find in the respective model data sheet.


ATM cameras

ATMs need security that too the security of the IP based security cameras. You have these ATM cameras from inMotion that gives high clarity video surveillance. There are 3 models for the ATM cameras at inMotion.

ATM TigerShark WDR Camera

ATM Tiger Shark WDR camera is a real compact camera that takes very less space. It takes up only the 36 sq mm of space. The camera comes with a full range of modern features such as thermal management, inVivid color technology, day and night functions, digital noise reduction, and most importantly WDR that gets maximum coverage inside the ATM with no hidden pockets.

The minimum light requirement is 0.01 Lux. The back light and high light compensation get the right brightness automatically. The camera has dual focal facility, sense up and much more. The camera comes with a resolution of 800 TVL.


There are 3 models in this type of camera- in30S2N1L30- 3.0mm, the same model but having a pre-focused lens inside and the in30S2N1L25- 2.5 mm. the add-on options here are the power module and the up-the-coax-programmer.

ATM/Night Depository (TigerShark) WDR Camera

This type of inMotion CCTV camera is suitable for the night depository, pinhole ATMs etc. This camera is extremely compact. The camera has a resolution of 800 TVL. The pinhole size is 4.3 mm.

This inMotion camera comes with all the features like WDR, backlight compensation and highlight compensation. The camera has defog facility that keeps the lens clear all the type. It has digital image stabilization as well as noise reduction.


The dimensions are 36 x 36 x 25.5 mm and a weight of just 80 gms. It can have privacy zones set.

ATM (Shark) WDR Camera

Coming under the Shark brand this inMotion CCTV camera has got the 2D digital nose reduction. The camera has 620 TVL resolution that can work better under low light circumstances and even in extremely challenging light conditions. The camera is equipped to work during day and night equally. It can work available in dual focal and also in pre-focused form.

The camera can be mounted on the adaptable mounting rackets. The lens size is 3 mm. There are day and night functions. The light requirements are minimum 0.5 Lux at 50 IRE color. The WDR range is 100 db.


The camera is fixed on a 3-axis gimbal. The dimensions are 36 x 36 x 32 mm and the weight is 80 g. It comes only in one model of in30S8N1L30- 3.0 mm that requires 12VDC. You have the option to add a power converter with the product.

Specialty cameras

In the specialty cameras section you can find different types of cameras that look different than the usual CCTV cameras. There are as many as 9 models in this category.

Height Strip (Tiger Shark) WDR Camera

The Height strip WDR cameras are made to fit into the door frames. This type of camera allows the full length footage of any person who walks through the door. The height levels are color coded. The camera is available in aluminum or bronze finish with a 3 mm lens fitted inside. An optional mounting wedge of 15 degree angle is available. There are cameras mounted behind half foot markers n this height strip. It works on day and night with all the latest technologies used in inMotion CCTV cameras. There is a global electronic shutter and is motion adaptive with the 3D DNR facility. The dimensions are 36 x 1.3 x 1.6 inches in length, width, and depth. It weighs about 6.2 lbs. You may purchase the product only option or have it in kit that has the wedge as well as the power converter.

Jamb Camera

Jamb camera is a more discreet camera that stays almost hidden and is not noticed right away. They can be fitted on to the door jambs, menu boards, drive up windows etc. It uses a smaller footprint and is versatile in use. It can capture full facial views of the person that happened in front of it. The pictures would be high quality. It is useful for indoor and outdoor purposes. It has a view angle of 170 degrees and the noise reduction is digital in 2D. The resolution of the camera is 520 VTL. The camera dimensions are 38 x 16.5 x 20 mm and weighs only 25g. The lens focus is fixed and the light sensitivity is 0.5 Lux and that for the sound is 48 dB. The Jamb Camera from in Motion is available in aluminum and bronze finishes.

Driveup/Counter (Tiger Shark) WDR Camera

It is suitable for the drive ups, garages, parking lots, gas pumps and anywhere you have vehicles driving up to. This camera records the image of the license plate and of the person driving. The lens is 3 mm and has a resolution of 800 TVL for high definition pictures. The equipment comes in black finish only. You get the day/night functionality, sens up, WDR, optical dual vari-focal feature, and 3D DNR with this camera. It is easy to install and can be mounted on to the counters, desktops and window mullions etc. The camera is enabled with motion detection feature and measures to 114.3 x 52.07 x 53.34 mm. it weighs about 80g.

In wall (Tiger Shark) WDR Camera

The in wall WDR camera from Tiger Shark is mounted to a single gang pop in a box. This allows it to be mounted in any compatible surface. The lens can be adjusted to tilting and pan modes. The lens is 3.0mm and gas Tigershark WDR module inside the camera. The camera resolution is 800 TVL. It requires an illumination of 0.01 Lux and the WDR range is 130 dB. The camera has dual vari-focus that allows you to zoom in and out. There is digital noise reduction facility and day/night function as well. The faceplate is available in stainless steel, white and beige colors. The cameras stay functional in any light conditions.

In wall (shark) WDR camera

This in wall camera is from the Shark series. Here, the camera uses the Shark WDR sensor. The camera has 620 TVL in terms of resolution and is capable of working in low light also. The camera boasts 2D digital noise reduction. Mounting of the camera is inside a single gang pop in box. This makes it easier to mount it on to any surface safely. The camera has adjustable angles in tilt mode and pan. The software is programmed to have day and night functions. The minimum illumination is 0.5 Lux. The sound capability is 100 dB maximum and has the 2D DNR. The dimensions of the camera are 36 x 36 x 32 mm. this light weighted camera weighs only 80g.

Sign/Teller (Tiger Shark) WDR camera series has this compact sized camera that can take high definition pictures and videos. It is most ideal for the teller stations, cash registers, security check points, or any transaction counters. The camera takes close up of the person doing the transaction. The mounting is easy inside beautiful housing and is most apt for the desktop mounting. The camera has a resolution of 800 TVL with a maximum sound acceptable at 130 dB. This WDR camera also has a 3D digital noise reduction to make it a complete package of modern technology. The camera can be positioned on the left side or the right side of the mounting plate but has to be done while installing. The overall dimensions are 4.5 x 8.5 x 2.094 inches. The weight of the whole device is 1.2 lbs.

Slim Line Tower Camera (Tiger Shark) WDR series

This is tall CCTV camera equipment that can be installed to get real close up shot of people standing closer. The camera comes inside the aesthetic housings that is slim and tall. This can be placed I the teller points, near windows and other locations where you get people standing closer while finishing their task or transactions. The housing length is available in sizes of 8, 16, 20 and 24 inches. This is a counter top camera with a resolution of 800 TVL. There is sense up, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, inVivid color technology, and dual optical vari-focal features. The model names are inTC08S2N2D30, inTC16S2N2D30, inTC20S2N2D30, and inTC24S2N2D30 for the 8 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch towers respectively.

KD5S4N2L Camera Module

Special Application Camera (Tiger Shark) WDR

These are the camera modules that can replace the modules in the existing cameras. The former model fits for the inMotion CS mount KD5 replacement modules and has a resolution of 620 TVL with 2D noise reduction. The camera features the light compensation feature as well as the day/night function.

The latter model is for the inMotion in31 series for the WDR chipsets. It has the resolution of 800 TVL, 3D noise reduction and capability in working in low light conditions.

Board cameras

The board cameras category has the camera modules that you can use to replace the faulty in your existing cameras. There are 4 varieties.

  • TDN (PIXIM) WDR Camera module is 38 x 38 mm in size. It uses the Pixim Digital system chip that gives you a resolution value of 690 HTVL. It can perform well in low light conditions with a combination of 3D noise reduction and WDR. The digital slow shutter can work up to 16 x. the WDR range is up to 120 dB. The camera can tilt, pan, and zoom as you need. There are custom presets to set the scene.
  • Tiger Shark WDR Camera modules: This is suitable for the Tiger Shark inCM32S2x1L series of CCTV cameras from inMotion. The module has the ultra high 800 TVL that can work in nay light condition. It has 1.3 mega pixel sensor. The module can have custom board sizes. It offers the digital image stabilization, noise reduction and vari-focus as well.
  • Shark WDR Camera modules are suitable for the inMotion CM38S8x1L series of Shark WDR cameras. The camera has 620 TVL of resolution, 2D noise reduction facility, and WDR performance. It works comfortably even in low light conditions.
  • Barracuda 960H Camera modules are for the Barracuda series of cameras. The module can boast of a resolution that range in the high-ultra level of 700 TVL. With the 3D digital noise reduction, vari-focal lens that can work on a minimum illumination of 0.05 Lux.

IR cameras

IR cameras are the ones with the infrared LEDs for the perfect night vision. There are 3 models under this category from inMotion.

  • IN71 (Tiger Shark) WDR Indoor/outdoor IR Bullet: The model in71TS3N2D is an IR indoor-outdoor CCTV camera. It has the high resolution at 800 TVL an array of LEDs and wide-D WDR range. Add in the 3D digital noise reduction to make this compact camera an ultra modern one. This model is flexible with installation. The lens can have 2.8-12 mm with 42 IR LEDs. The effective range is up to 100 ft. The camera comes with a sun shield that reduces the bright light when used outdoors. It also has a service jack, external zooming adjustment facility, and focal adjustments etc.
  • IN61IR (Tiger Shark) Outdoor WDR dome: This model we already saw under the dome camera category.
  • 1080 (Full HD) TVI/Analog IR Eyeball Camera: This model of camera is available in white and bronze colors. The camera gives you dual outputs of TVI and CVBS analog options. You can use it the traditional way or with the TVI systems. The camera uses the eyeball type shape to get the HD quality videos in any lighting conditions. The camera is still compact and has an effective range of 100ft with the IR. There are 36 IR LEDs fitted on the camera.

Box Cameras

Box cameras are literally looking like some small boxes. The box cameras from inMotion are compact and have all the latest technology with it. There are 4 varieties of such cameras from this company.

Tiger Shark WDR Box Camera: There are 2 models for this design from Tiger Shark brand- in10S2x1L and in11S2x2D. Both the cameras have ultra high resolution at 800 TVL, wider WDR and 3D noise reduction. The cameras use analog output that makes it suitable with the traditional output devices. There are the other common features like backlight and highlight compensation, day-night functions, optical dual vari-focal and sens up. The dimensions of the L model and D model are 40 x 40 x 50 mm and 40 x 40 x 73 mm respectively. The D model is heavier at 220g while the other is just 150g. the L model works on 12VDC and the D model can have 12VDC or 24VAC.

Shark WDR Box Camera is from Shark series. Here also, there are 2 models one in L series and the other in D. It has the standard features that you expect with inMotion CCTV cameras. The resolution of the cameras here would be 620 TVL with 2D noise reduction. The cameras are available with aspherical lens that are 3-8.5mm, 2.8-12mm or 7.5-50mm. It is available as an outdoor kit or with the camera mount only. The camera measurements and weight are the same as the TigerShark products for the similar models.

Barracuda 960H Box Camera: This type of camera comes in the in10S9x1L or in11S9x2D series. The cameras have higher sensor 960H that offers 700 TVL resolution. The features are otherwise standard with the inMotion CCTV cameras. You get to choose different accessories combination while purchasing your desired model. Even the sizes of the L and D models as well as their weights are all the same.

in10/in11S4 CCD Box Camera: The camera models in these series are the CCD cameras. They use Sony SuperHAD II CCD with a resolution of 620TVL. The cameras have WDR facility as well as the 2D noise reduction feature. Available in a combination of white and black color, these cameras have all the latest features for a CCTV camera with privacy zones and motion detection. There is also a rear panel joystick.

inMotion CCTV camera accessories

The CCTV camera accessories available are the lenses, camera mounts, camera housing, power supplies and converters, IP over coax etc. These accessories have the compatible name with the series so you can check if it fits your CCTV camera o not. The camera mounts are available for the inCA, inMM, and inCM series of cameras from inMotion. You will also get LED monitors, DVR solutions; installation tools like the push pull rods, etc.


You don’t get the price details of the inMotion CCTV cameras and accessories from their site. You need to fill in the contact form with your name, phone number and email ID to get the details. As for the purchase, you can purchase it online from many stores. inMotion CCTV cameras are NOT available in Amazon but you may find it in eBay. If you are looking for the base model CCTV cameras with some smart features, inMotion might be your type of brand. They have versatility and flexibility.

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