MyFox Home Alert Security System

MyFox Home Alert Security System

MyFox Home Alert Security System comes with camera that keeps your home safe. It uses vibration sensors to detect the difference between normal knock and a forced entry. With easy features and smart Myfox app, you can have a peace of mind that your home is secured even when you are away. Read on to know about the features, reviews and so on.

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Myfox Home Alarm Features


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There is never a bad time to think about installing a security cam for your home. The home really seems empty except for the pricey equipment’s you own. Home security cameras give you a good peace of mind enabling you to take a peek if you are away from home. And it’s really best you know what time your kids arrive from school everyday.

Myfox home alert security system offers you true security. There are different packages available which you can choose at your discretion. If you are a big family and have lot of people coming in and out at different schedules, you might need 4-5 key fobs. Small family can suffice with couple of keyfobs.

The wireless sensor makes it easy to detect any intrusion. Installation is a breeze. The Myfox IP camera is excellent with 720p HD camera that also features 2 way audio communication with your loved ones. With live streaming you can not only zoom video upto 4x but also save 10 minutes of video at cloud. You can later on download it to your smart phone.


The IntelliTag of the Myfox security camera is an anti-intrusion sensor that delivers 110dB of light and audible signals. The sensors can actually differentiate between normal routines such as a knock to opening a window using crowbar. This can trigger alarm before intruders can even get into your home.

Myfox Security Camera Products & Plans


Choose between two products – home alarm and security camera.


Myfox Home Alarm

Myfox home alarm is a monthly package. You need to renew it every month if you want to stay updated. You will get a siren, one Bluetooth key fob, one door/window sensor and a wireless bridge. The bridge builds the wi-fi connection with other tools. It also sends messages from them to the wi-fi router.

The siren comes in a disc shaped unit. It also has a built-in tamper sensor that triggers a siren if its fiddled with. The camera gels great with other accessories of the home but doesn’t do much when it comes to rotating the view to get a focular position.

IntelliTAG from Myfox is an impressive feature of the Myfox home alert security system. The Myfox motion sensor are two-piece devices. One is attached to the door/window while the other is mounted to the window/door frame.


When door or window is forcefully opened, the transmitter sends out a message to the alarm system that triggers a siren. When you activate the alarm system it will also send out warnings that you have forgotten to close a window/door. If you own a large home, this can be very much important.

Myfox Security Camera


The security camera from myfox safeguards your home with a smart remote controlled shutter. You can turn it on and off at your discretion. The surveillance and night vision security camera from Myfox offers excellent details. When night kicks in, the night vision delivers black and white images that are on par with other cameras in the price range. Compared to the daytime clicks, they are not quite impressive. However, they are easy to make out even on your mobile phone.


Myfox offers you live streaming feature for FREE. But you need to pay if you want to save the videos on cloud. You might need download on your mobile if situation demands.

The company offers a 2 week trial period. The camera has a satisfactory storage for backup in case of any power outage. Once power restores, the footage is stored to the cloud. Myfox security camera comes with manual for guidance. With myfox app things could not be more easy.

Myfox also offers a combined package of Home alarm plus security camera. If you want to monitor your home completely, then this is the right package for you. The package offers many features right from continuous video recording to informing the local authorities of unwanted intruding.


The thing about surveillance cameras are they are always on and capture literally everything. But the myfox security camera with privacy shutter. When turned off gives you the space to walk around in your PJ’s and bunny slippers. It won’t capture such random footages giving you much needed privacy.

Do I Need Myfox Home Security Camera System?


The main motto of Myfox installation is to secure your home from any thefts. There is no particular season for intruders to take a tour of your home. Myfox wifi security system delivers optimum support during such uninvited visits.


Be it myfox home alarm of myfox wifi security camera, the company makes it flexible by adding a long power cord. It is about 10 feet long that assists you to place the camera just about anywhere you want. The wire is white, slim and flat making it easy to run it up on the walls, floor or ceiling making it absolutely invisible.

Download the myfox security app and you are all set. Just like any other smart phone, this one calls for an email account and password. Once done, it will confirm your cell number. The myfox security app will generate a QR code once you enter the wifi password. Place that code in front of camera till you hear a beep sound. The camera will now automatically connect to the software.

You can choose the list of users who will have access to the camera. Everyone on the Myfox security user list will get alerts. My Community offers you to pen down a name to whom you want to get notifications (temporary). For instance, if you want to put your neighbor there, once they receive an intruder alert, it will be easy for them to call the cops. This is of great help when you are on vacay.


The trial period offers you time to check how Myfox wireless home security system works for you. If not satisfied, you can return the package and get a refund.

There are many Myfox security camera reviews that claim that the product works just fine. Keep reading to know what customers have to say about myfox security system.

Does Myfox Home Security Camera Really Work?


Myfox wireless home security system is one of the top alarm system in US. There are myfox security system reviews out there. Frankly, it is quite mixed. The IntelliTAG is one of the prominent features that can actually differentiate between forced entry and a warm welcome.

The product has good options to assist in better security. However, there are brands that offer a lot more for a much lesser price. Myfox siren is just audible and is barely enough to scare off the intruder.

Camera is quite excellent and delivers good captures even at night. The entire package includes wi-fi hub that can hold 6 hour of battery backup. The design of the Myfox home alarm system is fantastic. But there are many products that offer lot more options than Myfox.

Bottom line, if you want a security system with just simple no-confusing features, then Myfox home security is best for you.

MyFox Home Alert Security Warranty & Returns


MyFox home security system comes a warranty of two years from the date of purchase. In case of any issues, make sure to submit the claim at

The unit comes with two week trial period from the date of purchase. In case you are not satisfied, return them and get your amount reimbursed.

My Fox Home Security System Reviews

My fox home security system reviews are a blend of good and bad. A general consensus claim that the product works excellent without giving any trouble. The setup is a breeze and it takes only a few minutes to install. The zoom feature and the camera clarity is highly spoken of especially the night vision clicks.

Myfox has a base charge but if you want 24/7 live recording, you need to shell out good bucks. Myfox security camera reviews say design and privacy shutter are top-notch. They blend easily with the home decor and are discreet enough to keep away from prying eyes. The 130 degree field view combined with zoom effect keeps a good watch at night times.

Now the downside. Few myfox alarm reviews claim that myfox siren quality is poor. For instance, myfox siren is audible and can alarm the intruder, but then that’s it. It doesn’t do much. The video of Myfox Home Security Camera is quite slow and murky. The “privacy shutter” was hacked within few minutes, says a user. He is the sole person in the home and though he confirmed it was closed, he found it open within a few minutes. The camera also buffers a lot which can be a hindrance when needed in demand. The app is quite slow and can drain the battery fast when you leave it running.

The price of myfox home security is also quite expensive compared to other brands. Reviews claim that the features are comparatively less than offered by other brands for such price.

Overall, myfox home security alarm is best for those who want to keep it simple. The camera clarity, distinguishing design and IntelliTAG are few of the features that many people love in Myfox.

Melissa Baker – frequent connection failures, won’t purchase it again

“My camera looses connection approximately 15 times a day. We had the camera for less than 4 months. It was great in the beginning but it started loosing connection. The worst part is I get annoying messages many times a day on my phone to inform that camera has lost connection with another message to let me know that it has been restored.

Even the video buffers every time there is movement. My monthly service stopped for no reason though I had few more days on plan.”

M. Chilli – Great camera and easy to use

“After lot of research on security cameras, I came across this one. Our main goal with this camera was to monitor our senior dog while we are away from the house. The unit is easy to use. When needed, we can open the app and see what he is doing. This gives a peace of mind that he is not having any issues at home.

The camera functionality is excellent with improved night vision clarity that is just great. We do not use motion sensor as the dog would trigger when he moves around. I have installed the app on two android phones and one ipad. We have ordered the Myfox home security system and plan to go ahead with a more traditional home protection.”

Myfox Discount Codes & Coupon Codes


There are many websites that offer Myfox coupon codes. Punch in the Myfox promo code while proceeding to checkout and pay only discounted total price.

Myfox Vs. Scout Vs. Ismartalarm

Myfox Home Alarm Security System


Protect yourself and your home any potential break-ins before they happen with Myfox. The company presents IntelliTAG smart sensor that works wireless. Any intrusion and the IntelliTAG vibrates sending out message to you of a break-in.

Easy to install within 15 minutes, Myfox comes with Bluetooth keyfob that assists with hands free disarming of alarm. The My Community helps you to create a circle of trust including your neighbors informing them as well during any unwelcoming entry. The product has received 4 out of 5 star ratings by amazon users.

Scout Alarm System


A thoughtful design for optimum security, you can control your scout system with the smart phone or tab anywhere, anytime. Stay in control of your home no matter where you go.

Scout Alarm system comes with a built-in siren and external ones as well. Reviews claim that the in-built is quite feeble but the external sirens are fantastic. This is a clever technique to ward off strangers. The price is a bit on the expensive but the features offered are better than others in the market. For a relatively new product, Scout Alarm system has received excellent reviews from users.

Ismartalarm Contact Sensor


This wireless sensor ensures that you are notified instantly during any break-in of windows, gates or cabinets. Ismartalarm contact sensor is free of any monthly fees or long term contacts. The camera is fantastic providing HD quality video with real time recording. You can use Ismartalarm for both home and office and handle both the real time security system single-handedly.

The product has got 3.8 out of 5 star ratings from amazon and comes with one year warranty.

Myfox Home Security Alarm System Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Myfox remote?

Myfox wireless keyfob (bluetooth hands free remote for home alarm) is available at amazon at a great price.

What smartphones are myfox camera system compatible with?

Myfox camera system are compatible with all smartphones operating on iphone and Android OS.

Are myfox security alarm available in UK?

Yes, myfox alarm system is available in several countries including UK.

What is the warranty period of Myfox smart alarm system?

Myfox home alert security system comes with 2 year warranty.

Do I get a trial run with Myfox alarm unit?

Yes, Myfox offers a 2 week trial period from the date of purchase.

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