Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit

Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit

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Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB Kit is an excellent and one of the best selling kits by Zmodo. It includes a 4 channel DVR – Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN4 that can serve all your basic requirements from motion recording to live monitoring over the internet, mobile and off course the locally on TV or monitor.

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Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit is one of the kits which is suitable for residential as well as small scale business surveillance applications. Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit includes 8 IR outdoor cameras that too weather proof cameras along with a fully integrated Linux platform based advanced real-time 8 channel DVR – Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN8 (DVR-H9108V) DVR which includes hardware based latest H.264 compression technology thus optimizing the usage of memory space significantly. Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit also includes the other peripheral components like power cables and approximately 60 feet long cables which include video and power cables all in one for connecting the cameras to your DVR.

Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN8 (DVR-H9108V) DVR supports all the basic features expected by the customers as well as the latest features available in the market such as mobile viewing over the smart phones. Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN8 (DVR-H9108V) DVR supports multiple display modes on live monitoring over the television or VGA monitor like all camera views together, or auto-switching mode, etc. Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN8 (DVR-H9108V) DVR also supports multiple recording modes such as continuous recording, scheduled recording and motion or event based recording. Coming to the most important feature of a surveillance product – searching for a recorded video Zmodo ZMD-DD-SBN8 (DVR-H9108V) DVR supports date and time based search as well as event based search. Overall Zmodo PKD-DK0865-NHD Kit would be a great choice in case you a looking for a real-time 8 channel DVR solution.

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